hello, you- welcome to Headcanon Magazine

Headcanon Magazine is a literary & art journal started in 2019 as a response to the lack of legitimate spaces providing recognition, & opportunities for publication to artists creating art inspired by various books & comics & films & music & etc. We accept & curate creations ranging across fan-fiction, art-works, & social commentaries & reviews on comics/films/books/etc. Through all our published pieces in golden hour of morning rush & soft glow of night, we primarily aspire to throw light on the connections present between pop-culture, & its influence on our society. Through dear Scheherazade, we aim to provide women of colour a space to weave tapestries of their numerous identities– we are a magazine run entirely by people of colour, & hence, this is a goal very close to our hearts.

Our columnists aim to present our audience with reviews & critiques of the various creations falling under their themes. Sometimes, they will also bring into existence softly woven things of light as an ode to the fandom & characters of their choice.

from our readers: we want the frank words of your 12 year old self, writing themselves the next poem, the next chapter, the next great American/Indian/etc. novel. we want your gently curated love letters, songs, videos, entire series of creations you’ve spent years of your life on. we want to hear your song. honest, unfiltered. unbroken.

send us your fiery-flamboyant-fantastical art, & allow us to give it a home.

Team Headcanon Magazine